I wasn't prepared for it.

They were beginning to lose faith in their commander.

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I'll be in Boston on business next week.

80% of the world's computerized information is in English.

The Van Horn family was affluent.

Don't get panicky.

I don't mind it here.

You'd better believe that the story is exhagerated.

I have a few questions for you.

I don't eat at the school cafeteria anymore.

Our meeting was just an accident.

It may take longer than we expect.

I hope someone sees this.

A hypothetical explanation could be that they just forgot it.

I was afraid to catch a cold.


I had not expected Tricia to be able to speak French.

The new E10 gas contains ten percent bioethanol.

Before I forget, I will tell you.


Pierce didn't say why he wasn't happy with our work.

Ann really hurt himself.

You will regret this.

She received the maximum sentence of ten years.

My brother insisted on going alone.


I have to pay Sridhar back.


She has convulsions.

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What do you see now?

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It's been so many years.


He made a fortune in oil.

Our health is our most precious possession.

Are they displayed all through the year?

Have you decided where we are having lunch?

The wet clothes stick to my skin.

Blair doesn't know what happened to Marcel.

Do you want a ride home?


She can't stand being treated like a child.

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I might as well tell Bea, too.

Such a person is not interesting.

Dewey mounted his horse and rode off.

I served the children their meal.

Everybody else looks worried.


Christofer will be quite safe.

It'll be over in a minute.

I love your jacket.

The Internet is not your personal army.

I can't understand the meaning.

I'm teaching.

I didn't want to spend any more time than necessary cooking for my family.

The new furniture arrived today.

May I use your car, Dad?

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She has 1001 wishes.


Have you ever read Milton's works?

He said the truth.

That's a bit extreme.


Granville seems optimistic.

Don't answer the door, whoever it is.

His favorite baseball team is the Giants, but he likes the Lions, too.

I don't have time to help her.

I've never had problems before.

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If he comes, tell him to wait for me.

Nils has been worried to death.

You're the only person that can persuade him.


I can't make you happy.

You're more than welcome to come.

John wondered if Dean would apologize.

Two families live in that house.

Could you tell me how to get to Frances's house?

I have just washed the car.

Danielle persuaded Grant to go swimming with him.


Some people insist that television does more harm than good.

We'll be together again, Turkeer.

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.


I'll explain it to you.

It's a great pleasure to be here.

Don't touch it.


Please speak slower.

I must get off at the next station.

Did you have a date?

Do you want to talk about anything?

Restrain your impulses.

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I was going to buy it, only Christofer told me not to.

I want your blood.

Jesper hasn't seen Neville for a long time.

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Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.

"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions are not in the house!" "Whatcha talkin' 'bout?"

Bill was working at his desk all morning.

The house seemed strangely quiet.

There are so few things like this.


I wanted to replace it anyway.

If it had not been for the map, I would have lost my way.

The police can't find Jos.

I haven't changed.

We need a place to stay tonight.

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Let us rise, go out here into the court, and pass the time walking about there; then let us go.


They began to sail to their home.

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I hope Craig doesn't mind.

Then an argument developed between some of John's disciples and a certain Jew about purification.

They ignored me.

I sometimes help my parents in the shop after school.

Man is destined to suffer.

Children will produce beautiful works when they grow up.

Is this the way to the station?

You will soon cease to think of her.

I have a liking for chemistry as well as for physics.

These new immigrants had no skills.

Do not say "wait".

Walter thought that maybe Hume and John were gunrunners.

He's always dissatisfied.

Whether he will be offered the scholarship or not is still in the air.

Do the students sit in the auditorium?

He loves the tigers.

I still remember his name.

I should've known Donovan and Paul would be together.

I don't believe what Alf says.

Let me use your computer.

I socked him in the ear.


A dog has four legs.

Erick didn't frighten me.

Will you tell him?

No one was prepared for what happened next.

Almost all the doors were closed.

Masterpieces are but successful attempts.

Keep cool.

Wait a minute, Lance!

Lois needs to get to the hospital.

Can you at least pretend to enjoy yourself?

We didn't go as far as Boston.

Packaging can actually prevent certain kinds of waste.

Murthy hasn't changed very much.

Jacques was a great help to me.

You can do it if you try.

I bet it's fine tonight.

Come on, drinks are on me.

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The wind ruffled the surface of the water.

I know what people think of me.

She continues to think that we are friends.

Fred was thrilled to buy the car.

I pretended that I didn't know what was happening.


I've also become fond of you.

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We celebrated his birthday.

War may break out at any moment.

That's what you always say.

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I did not betray you.

She wanted to buy the book.

Anatoly was working last night.

Seen from a distance, it looks like a ball.

I promise you I'll help you.

I tried, only to fail.

Do you smell smoke?

I'd appreciate it if you would help me this evening.

Military pilots are trained to take more risks than civilian pilots.


He headed for the door at full speed.

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What have you been doing this week?

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Orville will be all right.

He's a very romantic boyfriend who brings me flowers each night.

She's a good actress and she's beautiful.


Spyros can't go anywhere by himself.


Nobody was tortured.


How are you going to get to work tomorrow?

You're so perfect.

I told Brender to stay in his room.

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I've never met a Canadian before.

You've done so much.

Bill will take you on at tennis.